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  • Graphic Design

    AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES has a unique printing division that gives your business a facelift. We create that particular branded message for your business.

  • Engineering Services

    Before the invention of CAD, products and building plans were drawn by hand. This was a laborious and time-intensive process that required a high number of draftsmen

  • Hotel Booking

    AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES will help you source the right and affordable accommodation. Our professional team knows how to keep our clients happy

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Want a generating risk-free business in the UAE? AL FANAR BUSINESS MEN SERVICES is here to give you the best consultancy and solutions you need to succeed. Let’s work together. Send us an email, info@alfanaruae.org telling us about your business ideas to get started.
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2000+ Happy Client Believe Client Choice Client

  • "We love the approachable format, and the fact that they chose to feature customers that users can really relate to.Each client story module links to the client's website, Facebook page, and app in both the Android and Apple app stores and sets people up for success."
    Jamil Ahmed
    Marketing Manager
  • " We worked with Consuloan. Our representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. Consuloan made a number of suggestions to help improve our systems. Consuloan explained how things work and why it would help. We are pleased with the result and we definitely highly recommend Consuloan."
    Jamil Ahmed
    Marketing Manager
  • " Even though I am a seasoned business owner myself, I am sure that there’s always room for growth, inspiration, and new ideas.It's has provided a common language that is gaining popularity in the workplace as it creates new learning and sets people up for success."
    Jamil Ahmed
    Marketing Manager

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